Start ’em Out Early

I really want to appreciate this concept, but I’m having issues with it.

Microwavable meals specifically for preschoolers.

I guess my question is this (and I would love some real feedback because I realize I may just be missing something essential): if you don’t even have time to slap together a PB&J sandwich for your kid, but you DO have the cash to buy a bunch of these ridiculous boxes of foods, why are you not making time? Isn’t it time to re-evaluate your priorities when the above product has become a regular part of you and your kid’s life?

The only commercial I’ve seen for this product features a mom who is so SWAMPED by playing knights and dragons with her kids that she just has NO TIME to do anything other than pop a TV dinner into a microwave.

Yeah right.

In real life, if these things were to be used effectively at all, they would be used by a working mom, who is too tired to put any food in her mouth and can barely manage the energy it takes to throw a box of Dinosaur Pasta in the nuc for her kid. I don’t know that I’ve met a mother who would consciously say, “I’m having so much fun destroying the living room and being smacked by my kid’s fake tin-foil sword that I’m going to give up real food on purpose today, and just go for Nutrisystem Jr. Because GOD I cannot WAIT to get back to the living room and I freaking LOVE microwavable food so much myself. And it’s so GOOD for them…”


2 thoughts on “Start ’em Out Early”

  1. ha! You are precisely right! I’ve always wondered who actually buys those meals! As a side note, using the microwave is all the rage around here. I introduced Jocelyn and Aidan to standing on a chair to warm up their dinner (Daddy’s working evenings) a few weeks ago. They think it is SO awesome! Today Aidan begged me to let him warm up his yogurt! (I don’t think so kid!)

  2. I think you have precisely the right take on this. It is appalling. Though I guess we all choose the manifestation of bad parenting we’re willing to live with. Mine is drifts of birdseed and dog-hair tumbleweeds in the upstairs hallway. Thankfully jules hated so many foods that this particular issue never came up.

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