Book Bucket List (suggestions wanted)

(My starter books. Scathing reviews to follow.)

Wym beat me to the punch with the book post. Gosh darn it.

I keep seeing this list, generated by the BBC up in the e-world. It’s usually accompanied by some incendiary quote like, “the average person has only read 6 of these 100.” That quote (and others like it) appears to be wildly inaccurate. Either that, or all the people in my world read a lot more than people in the real world.

My pet presumption is that the BBC came up with that stat, and is just a tad pretentious. The opposite of my pet presumption is that I was suckered into comparing myself with random online acquaintances in a book-chops contest. I’ve read more than 6, less than 100. Less than 50, actually…

Anyway, all this has prompted me to reassess my actual reading chops. I can read, I like to read, and I have plenty of time to read. So how come I’ve never read War and Peace or Alice in Wonderland? I OWN them. Not liking them is no excuse.

After finishing the Twilight series, I need a new reading project. One that keeps me as busy (pretty much four straight days of reading to find out what happens to the vampires) and leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. What’s the point of reading if you can’t brag about it, right? Who reads Crime and Punishment for fun? Masochistic readers, that’s who.

(jennygirl, don’t bother commenting on the last paragraph. That masochism thing was for you.)

So at some point I’ll be adding my Book Bucket List to the sidebar, and slowly working my way through the titles, perhaps with some no-holds-barred reviews. But while I’m at it, I’d like your suggestions on what I should read. Why should the Brits get the final say on favorite books of all time?

As a bonus, if you recommend one (or ten) I’ll be sure to mention you in that book’s review. And feel free to use other people’s favorites as suggestions as well.

Give me books. Yo quiero libros.


15 thoughts on “Book Bucket List (suggestions wanted)”

  1. Great compilation! Thanks! I need that for me too.Just a warning (of course, you absolutely do not need to heed it).. Anna Karenina is booooring!! Bridget Jones Diary is a pain the %$#. If you can survive the stodginess of Thomas Hardy, his endings are always a good reward!I notice you don’t have the complete short stories of O’Henry up there. Also, All quiet on the Western Front by EM Remarque.I’ll definitely visit again if I think of something else!

  2. Hi all! I added all of your suggestions that I have NOT read. So if you don’t see something on here, that means it’s already in the ol’ noggin. Thanks for your suggestions and keep ’em coming!

  3. I read Dracula a couple of years ago and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to! 🙂You have quite a few reading experiences awaiting in your bucket already! I think I read about 35 of those (and counted to 56 on the BBC list).Some random thoughts that pop into my head when reading your list:Crime and Punishment was a lot easier to get through than War and Peace; I read it twice and wouldn’t mind reading it again.Bleak House has one thing in common with Crime and Punishment: they are both forerunners to detective novels. Adding three classics that are not on your list:Middlemarch by George EliotThree Men in a Boat by Jerome K. JeromeDandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

  4. Oh wait is the list on the left just the books the BBC said “need” to be read? I was going to say, whaaa? Never mind my previous comment.. lol.

  5. Rae: no I didn’t! Well, sort of. But I had thought about the bucket book list. And got freaked out by not being able to think of any, and then read your blog, and then decided to write about not being able to think of any books, since you got first dibs on the bucket book thing. BTW The Dress Lodger is fascinating but it really creeped me out, and I thought I had a high tolerance for creepy.

  6. Le Morte D’Arthur by MaloryOdysseyGrimm’s Fairy Tales (the originals)Mythology – any and allThe Great GatsbyThe Sun Also RisesThe Time Traveler’s WifeI love Mists of AvalonSomething tells me you’re read Harry Potter…I think I need to actually go and look at my books for anything more.Some of my friends have accounts on (I have one too, but rarely update – I can barely update facebook at this point). You should check that out if you haven’t already.

  7. A book that won’t take you long to read but will stay with you all of your life is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Every time my dad would read it to me he would get tears in his eyes. Definitely a bucket list book.

  8. “The Mayor of Castlebridge” by Thomas Hardy was great. I’ll read more of his in the future.“The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova is a good alternative to Dracula.And my favorite all-time gothic novel is “The Dress Lodger” by Sheri Holman. What a wild read!

  9. I couldn't resist looking at the BBC list. found I have read 65 of the books on there, but I attribute this to the fact that I grew up in a more of a British colonial way, over here! Most of the books i haven't read are, surprise surprise, the American ones! I haven't read War & Peace either, though I've tried! I would recommend Anna Karenina, I absolutely loved it! Happy reading.. 🙂

  10. If you like tender romance try Nicholas Sparks. He is the only male author I’ve read that gets it when it comes to romance. Also, anything by Louise Penny is a great read. She’s a great writer with a sly wit and you learn a lot about the Quebecois in the process. Of course, anything by John McPhee (he writes non-fiction) is wildly entertaining.

  11. I forgot about the books. Oops. …I started to write a couple but when I reached 13 I decided to back up an only write 2, and I’ll just post a book list on my blog.So: Lives of a Cell (Lewis Thomas); Cryptonomicon (Neal Stepehenson).

  12. Fiction:From C. S. Lewis: The Space TrilogyThe Narnia SeriesThe Screwtape Letters (one book)From G. K. Chesterton:The Man Who Was ThursdayThe Ball and The CrossFrom J.R.R. Tolkien:The Lord of the Rings (only if you think your brain can handle it – skip the songs and stuff to keep your sanity)If I think of any others I’ll let you know.

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