Texas Night Frogs, Part Deux

Imagine, if you will, strolling from your vehicle to the front door of your apartment late at night. The party is over, and you are tired, very tired. You are barely awake as you stumble over the well-worn path, clutching your spouse’s sleeve for what little support the soft cotton yields.

And then a single leaf lifts off of the ground ahead and hurdles directly into your lower legs with blinding speed. And hurts you.

That’s when you realize it’s not a leaf. It’s a Texas night frog, who disappeared with the coming of the “cold,” but now returned with a vengeance.

I can only assume that the increased aggression has something to do with the recent hike in global warming, the historical election of BHO, and/or the sudden appearance of precipitation during our “mini monsoon” season (which lasts about three days).

Also, it peed on me. Projectile pee that left a four-foot swath of froggy waste across our front stoop. Thus, I had to abandon it without introducing it to kitty. We got a picture, though.


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