Let’s Bake it For the Boys

I made cookies. No rest for the working guys and gals, here. Most of them will be working straight through V-day, so a group of us non-workers got together to make some deliciousness.

They look better than they taste, I fear. That’ll teach me to ignore the sage advice of Tom Colicchio and the rest of the Top Chef cast: always taste as you go.

In other news, a friend lent me the first two books in the Twilight series, and I devoured them. However, I was so ticked off after the second one (I like books with real endings.) that I went online and found a “spoiler” site that told me how the four-book series ended. My recommendation: unless you are in possession of all four books, and can read them as one, skip it.

Stupid young adult authors and their “to be continued” endings…


5 thoughts on “Let’s Bake it For the Boys”

  1. @Emily T & Daniels: Thanks, guys! Making cookies is fun. @jennygirltherat: Added too much vanilla without tasting. Icing tastes a bit like cream cheese frosting. Teeny, weird sour bite that does not belong on sugar cookies. I win.@Wym: A third party dropped the first two off without any prompting from me. What can I say? They're easy reads. They're just frustrating easy reads. When you starting that writer's group?

  2. Sigh. You just could not wait could you? George has books three and four at the house if you want to read them. I have not read four. I know what you mean, I really am dying to know what happens. you are a reading fool. It took me a week to get through three.

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