Never Too Early for Some Lovin’

My friend Wym wrote a post on things she “Loves or Hates,” from a meme she was tagged on about things one “Loves to Hate.” I’m just going to share a handful of things which say “love” to me, and call it a day. (“SJ” is South Jersey, which I will always love. Kind of the way second and third generation immigrants love the motherland.)

  1. My husband’s secret identity.

    By day, my man is a G.I. Joe, a warrior. He’s strong, silent, entirely capable of dealing with any situation he’s in with 100% effectiveness. When he’s “on,” he commands respect without saying a word, simply by being there. I love that about him. It’s what makes me intensely proud to be his wife.

    What I love even more, though, is the way he is in private, with those closest to him. Privileged friends and family get to see the “secret identity,” and it is a delightful one, truly a testament to his upbringing and his incredible personality. Getting to see him with the mask off is one of the supreme joys in my life.

  2. British Television

    Sometimes I won’t even admit to watching BBC America because a) it feels like something a yippie would say for “cool points” and I desperately want to avoid being mistaken for a yippie (defs. 4 & 5), and b) I feel like BBC America is the red-headed stepchild of BBC proper. I have some pride, after all.

    However, from Doctor Who to Gordan Ramsay’s millionth serial, I am hooked. Some nights I say up late, researching programs’ minutiae on Wikipedia. And when I say “some” I mean “most.”

  3. Cheese

    If, for some reason, I suddenly was unable to eat cheese anymore, I believe I would instantly perish in depressive agony. I particularly like cheddar cheese, as it goes well with nearly every type of meal on the face of the planet. It’s also hearty enough to be used as a standalone snack.

    I just realized I almost never put “cheese” as my favorite food in surveys but it is, in fact, my favorite food. I’m so fickle.

    To my delight, we’ve recently begun delving into the wide world of South American cheese options (hello, grilled panela) after a long cheese fast brought on by Wally World offering only three options of recognizable cheeses: extremely mild cheddar, pre-sliced and -packaged provolone, and hundreds of varieties of american (aka: edible plastic).

That is all.


2 thoughts on “Never Too Early for Some Lovin’”

  1. We too suffer from a southern lack of interest in real cheese and have the same 5000 selections of American cheese plastic. As a result, when we travel to the more civilized state of NC we load up. In my fridge at present is brie, extra sharp cheddar and an interesting blue cheese (basically because even the nearest NC store does not stock Stilton).

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