Featuring: My husband

Over coffee this morning (I love his days off. And Wawa coffee.) we started joking about what Hubs would blog about, if he were to start bloggging. Although he claimed it would all be “cave-man” blogging (ie: “I like meat.”), I quickly became intrigued.

He started to knock around ideas for his first blog post (if he were to write one), and I couldn’t resist:

Hubs’ Top Five list of People to Fight (subject to change)

  1. Bono: He thinks he’s an angel. He’s just a {bag for holding the fluid used to introduce a stream of water into the body for medical or hygienic reasons}. “No one in the weld cou’ be ‘elped if it weren’t fah me… And I moost weah’ sunglasses everywheah’ ah go.”
  2. Sylvester Stallone: Because it’s freakin’ Rocky. It’s an honor.
  3. Every vegan in the world: Well, all the male vegans. Because they think their way of eating is the most appropriate and natural. We wouldn’t be here if our ancestors didn’t eat meat and other things to survive through time. That’s another way of saying they’re just {cowards; felines}.
  4. Frank Sinatra: Even though he’s dead. Frankie woulda’ put up a good fight.
  5. Oprah: She’s a powerful woman. She’d probably resort to dire tactics. She’d fight dirty: pull hair, kick, hit, thumb pokes. That’d be a war.

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