Mexas Photo Tour: Sneak Peak

My friend Botti and I decided to take advantage of our barely-employed-and-far-from-city-lifestyle to take a photo tour. We spent the majority of the afternoon burning through a tank of precious gasoline, discovering little-known landmarks, and taking pictures of everything. Some shots were planned, a few were drive-bys. We got our “newbie” eyes back (this area of the country is truly striking), and were very excited about how the pictures would come out.

I’m not going to lie, after such a seemingly productive afternoon, uploading the photos was a disappointment. Sunlight is way too bright out here, and we (geniuses that we are) started at about noon and quit right before dusk. So almost all of the shots were overexposed, even with our cameras’ auto-adjust features all on. (We slum it with pocket cameras. No fancy zoom lenses to help us out.) I was bummed, man. None of the pictures on the screen matched what I remembered, nor were they really worth sharing. Cha.

Then I found a “photo fix” tool on this new laptop of mine (a gift from my fantastic husband) and, while it’s fairly limited in what it can do, it performs its limited actions pretty darn well. (I heart contrast slide bars.) So well, in fact, that I am now excited about sharing nearly every single one of the shots with you. After I spend several days tweaking each one.

Behold the power of the found “photo fix” tool:

More to come.


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