Rae’s First Blog-Tag (aka: Meme’s the Word)

This is a momentous day. I’ve been tagged in my first ever blog meme (apparently that word is pronounced “meem.” Who knew?) by Karen over at Border Town Notes.

Do you know what this means for me?

It means someone completely unknown in non-blog (aka: “real”) life stopped by this blog one day, read it and liked it enough to come back. AND liked it enough to think of it when she got hit by the latest meme.

I’m going a little Sally Field right now… (Watch the volume. It’s loud.)

This meme is a fun one, because you have to rescue some randomness from the bowels of your computer and then try to be meaningful and entertaining about it. My whole college education suddenly makes sense.

Official Rules: Go to 6th photo folder. Find 6th picture. Post, with description. Tag 6 bloggers.

Ladies and gentlemen… this is my sister Cayber.

Cay is the middle child in our family. She has all the characteristics of a middle child, including clothes stealing (that’s my favorite pink hoodie she’s wearing).

One of Cay’s favorite pastimes is to take pictures of herself using others’ cameras.

This picture was snapped by Cay (of herself) somewhere between NJ and TX. We took a week off of our respective schedules several Octobers ago, when Hubs was away at training and I was gearing up for the big move to Mexas, and drove the Jeep out, stick shift and bucket seats and all.

The Jeep was the first of all our belongings to make it to Mexas. It was also in the worst shape. It had a soft top at the time, and the back panels had pretty much boycotted their role in keeping the cabin airtight (and warm). But Cay and I won. We bought three rolls of duct tape before leaving NJ and reapplied a roll a day to keep those suckers attached.

Cay was not a legal driver yet when we took off for this cross-country adventure so she was the self-proclaimed “entertainment.” I have hundreds of pictures of this trip, thanks mostly to Cay. I also have fond memories of the Little Jeep that could (still going, though currently topless) and waking up and driving on cold dark mornings down quiet Gulf highways.

And now I have another friend, instead of simply a sister, thanks almost entirely to that trip. What I do not have is a desire to ever see another roll of duct tape again for as long as I live.

Next! Check out these blogs, because I am tagging them for this awesomeness. (And because it seriously took me more time to figure out who to tag than it did to write this entire freaking post.)

The Grandpa

If any of the tagged have already done one of these, just humor me and make something up. It’s my first meme for crying out loud.


4 thoughts on “Rae’s First Blog-Tag (aka: Meme’s the Word)”

  1. Thanks, Rae!! I appreciate the tag and will get my post up tomorrow. Love the tales of the little jeep that could. My BIL drove his jeep until the transmission basically fell out onto the highway. He loved that thing so much!

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