It’s Warm Here

Today, my first day back in Mexas after a tour of the northeast, was 80 degrees outside. This is a far cry from the 34 degree average I lived with during last week’s visit to South Jersey. Also non-existent in Mexas is snow, ice, hail, sleet, slush, or dirty mounds of snow-product piled up on the side of the roads. Or salt stains on highways. Or black ice.

If this place weren’t pre-desert, it would be paradise.

In fact, my husband is here. AND it’s warm. In another month I can start going back to the pool every day and begin building up my zoog (2009) base-tan. So, actually, it’s pretty close to paradise. All we need is a Target and a Gap Outlet.

Jealous? Houses are going for real cheap…

My sister Cayber is as close to professional photographer as she can get without being paid, so I agreed to pose for some “action” snow shots back in Dirty JerZ.

Unfortunately, I am not a model, so things didn’t go so well.


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