Day Two of Awesome Visit

I’m cleaning house! This is a recycled post from last year. Enjoy or delete, as you wish!

Oh man. We were just so freakin’ busy yesterday that I didn’t have time to post. I mean, me and my young visitors did a LOT of stuff.

We went food shopping; that was intense. Weekends are when Mexican citizens drive over and do their food shopping, so it’s always packed, and ambient conversations are very Spanish, and there are a lot of interesting food products in carts. Like tripe, or Red Thunder, or 12 different varieties of pepper. Also, there are interesting quantities. Like one entire cart full of Classic Coke. Or the man at checkout who unloaded six sides of frozen beef, two family-packs of toilet paper (48 rolls), and about 30 single bottles of Gatorade. And some chapstick he picked up at the checkout counter.

Later we went out to eat, at the town’s “high class” eatery, with Hubs who regailed us with many tales. A local family recently opened a fancy version of their long-standing mom and pop diner-thingy, with essentially the same menu (more steak and a wine list differentiate the two). As long as we avoid the seafood it’s fabulous. No ocean source or airport for hours equals low-grade frutas del mar.

Our meal included such delicacies as grilled queso panela (a Mexican version of mozzarella), tacos norteños (no idea how these differ from southern tacos), and filete maya (some kind of steak). A lot of food on that menu is “some kind of” something more familiar to us. And some is just plain enigmatic. But tasty. As long as we skip the seafood.

The panela was the winner of the night, as usual. Next time I go back to Jersey and can get mozzarella on the cheap, I’m going to give it a shot. I get a lot of enjoyment in reinterpreting local favorites with foods from home. Or taking foods from home and improving them with local ingredients. For instance, cheesy scrambled eggs (a perenial classic) now include rice, beans, corn, salsa, and tortilla for a meal that is about three thousand times better than regular scrambled eggs.

Let’s see… what else have we been doing?

Oh yeah. Video games. Lots and lots of video games.

It’s nice to know that some things remain constant, regardless of time or distance.


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