Siblings Visit!

I’m cleaning house! This is a recycled post from last year. Enjoy or delete, as you wish!

Yesterday was the day my sister Prose (15) and my brother Hawk (13) arrived for their long-weekend holiday. It’s their first time ever in Mexas.

I drove to the airport with my new running buddy (We run together. I run.) and her two girls, who were incredibly delightful and well-behaved considering the length of the journey. My friend was taking her girls back to their homeland of snow and ice up in the Northmiddle, and her departure just happened to coincide with the visitors’ arrival. So yours truly got a real person to talk to, instead of talking to herself for 3+ hours.

After I made the dropoff, I had about four hours before the sibs were due to land. Took a drive to the nearest huge shopping district, where I spend a solid 2.5 hours curled up in the corner of a mega-bookstore. There are no bookstores in Mexas. Not even little ones with crappy books. So the time was well-spent.

However, as there are also no __________ stores in Mexas, I decided not to fritter my time on big picture books and actually do some shopping. I walked into two stores, and quickly walked out of both. I just didn’t feel fabulous. You have to feel fabulous for shopping to be fun.

“What would make me feel fabulous?” I thought.

I stood outside, staring dumbly at passing traffic (they were outdoor, promenade-style stores) for several minutes.

A haircut. Of course.

I went somewhere cheap, because they are stellar at doing haircuts fast. Also, I knew what to tell them I wanted, thanks to my long-lost Jersey lady, so I wasn’t worried that they would mess it. Also, I tend to see terrible haircuts as license from the powers that be to go really short or daring as a fix. My spur-of-the-moment dresser didn’t mess it, however, so I have a very servicible, very easy-to-maintain bob once again.

Just as Evelyn was finishing the blow-dry, and explaining the bride-of-frankenstein-esque photo in her beautician’s license, Hawk called to let me know they had landed (a whole hour early). After navigating the mess that seems to be every airport’s fate (are all airports in the world undergoing construction?) I forced them to eat at Panda Express, my new favorite fast-food place, and then we hunkered down for the drive back.

It’s lovely to have people visit who have never been here before. All of the wonder of being in Mexas re-inspires me. They commented on how dark it was as we drove on the little state highway, though hour after hour of hill country. I had really forgotten that it was so dark. And then I got excited because I remembered how cool it was that you could see the ambient light of our city on the horizon (reflecting into the sky like a light-fog) 30 or 40 miles before you hit even a hint of town. I woke them up so they could enjoy it. And when we crested the final hill, their “wooooah…” brought me back to the first time I drove into town, full of wonder, with every inch of me ready for adventure.

This really is a beautiful place. Bare, sparse, and hostile, but incredibly beautiful. Kind of like the ocean.

Today we drove to K Torta, which you may remember from an earlier post. I got lost once we got into the “neighborhood,” which is really just a collection of dirt roads, junkyards, stray dogs, trailers, and random fields. My visitors quietly locked their doors and enjoyed the scenery, including a dog being set upon by a neighboring pack, but escaping safely (lots of dogs out here, and very wiley).

As we sliced into our torta, back in the safety of the apartment, we discussed the differences between Mexas and the States. There are plenty. For example, we have never seen (or heard of) a horse being chased through an adjacent (un-fenced) field by a guy on a four-wheeler in the States.

They confessed later on that they had assumed torta would be simply, “an experience” and that would be enough. But the sandwich was actually good, despite it’s dubious ingredients (you really should check the original blog post).

Later, we managed to get all the gear hooked up for Skype, as another of our siblings is off on an adventure. I haven’t seen Zee in over a year, and Prose and Hawk haven’t seen her in many months. So we spent an obscene amount of time chatting.

Skype is a wonderful thing.

Also I made some amazing soup.

K Torta was the Mexas event of the day. I think tomorrow I’ll take them food shopping.


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