No Cats in America (aka: FLOOD!)

This will be the most poorly written blog ever. I’m just warning you now.

I talk with the owners of the radio station this AM, they want to know why I quit. Nevermind that I quit three months ago. NOW they want to know. Great convo. Lasted almost two hours. Get home. Hubs has off. We have giftcards (thanks, in-laws!) We go shopping. Come home, nap.

Hear water?

Must be the upstairs neighbors, taking a shower or something.

A while later, Hubs leaves the bedroom, shouts an obscenity, tells me to get out here quick.

A TRAIL of puddle-footprints follows him as he walks to the kitchen. We can hear water gushing somewhere in our walls, but no show anywhere except the floor, which has INCHES of water in every public room (kitchen, LR, DR). Hubs yells at me to call maintenance, which I cannot do because I don’t have the number. He finds the number, calls.

We are unplugging everything and moving essential equipment out of the apartment. I start to freak out because I can see a river-bubble in our living room ceiling and it might cave in.

Hubs is also freaking out. We are freaking out together.

He calls maintenance again. Here is what I heard:

“Hello this is the guy from apartment blah blah blah… I called a few minutes ago because we have a geyser in our apartment…”


“I don’t CARE what they are doing, they need to come over here now because this is an emergency.”

Hang up.

I love my husband.

Some other nuggets from this, the most awesome of days:

  • No, they will not provide us with another apartment to live in because there are none (NONE) available.
  • No, they will not put us up in a hotel. We can sleep in the community party room (THE PARTY ROOM!!!) if we need a place to sleep.
  • No, they will not replace our carpets, they will put our old carpets back in once they dry out.
  • No, they will not inspect our electric at all (AT ALL).

So, just a thought, but we may be changing our address before long. Also, and this is just another suspicion, but more awesome blog posts to follow.

Here are some pictures I took. Never without the camera these days.


7 thoughts on “No Cats in America (aka: FLOOD!)”

  1. Now that the emergency is passing, and we know you’re both okay, I can say the most evil thing:ITS GOOD PRACTICE FOR HOME OWNERSHIP.BWAhahahahahaha…

  2. @ Abby, Karen, and Patty: Thank you so much!@ Aunt Jenny: The couch is ok! Thankfully (?) the damage was only the floors and in our walls. Barring any incredible electrical fires, the couch should remain in decent condition.@ Anonymous: You would THINK they’d be concerned over it, but they are not. And as far as the carpet goes, it was horrifically stained and patched when we moved in. I would rather have the concrete pad.Appreciate the well-wishes from everyone!

  3. You need to use the “mold” concern and related allergies; landlord should fear that one; I know we would put a tenant up in an hotel if that happened in one of our buildings. The carpet should be ok, but they should replace the pads. Hopefully you had renter’s ins for any other damage. Sorry went into business mode.

  4. I’m afraid to ask…is The Couch of all Couches okay? If not I may have to come down there and assist (in any violent or aggressively verbal way I can) with the landlord.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. That is AWFUL! How can I help? I have three (amazing) helpers today, but I would love to help with whatever I can. Just email or text or call to let me know! Abby

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