First Week in Zoog

I’ve decided I’m going to do away with calling this year “oh-nine” and call it “zoog” instead. Because “2009” looks like “zoog” on a digital display (like an old alarm clock, or a microwave oven). And “zoog” is more fun to say than “two thousand nine.”

“Happy New Year. Hope zoog is the best year ever.”

It just makes sense. It’s science.

In other, random news, the kitten has quickly gone from scrappy street fighter to spoiled psycho princess. If she could talk, she’d be whining about how the monstrous cat tower she got for Christmas wasn’t the right braaaaand. As is, she’s just mildly ridiculous.

I took the Christmas tree down the day after Christmas. I had more than one reason for this, and here they are:

  1. I wanted to get the Christmas stuff out of the way while I was still in high spirits. Taking down decorations weeks (or months) after a holiday only heightens the sense of letdown. And “bummed out” doesn’t need any encouragement in Mexas.
  2. Little lights are a pain when you have to pay for your own electric. By the time Christmas day actually arrived, they’d been consistently unplugged for almost a week.
  3. The cat was destroying it. Ornaments, candy canes, and fake pine fragments littered the floor in a three-foot wide swath around the tree. Every. Single. Day.

So when the tree went down, and after we finally moved all of the huge boxes full of Christmas decorations into the storage closet a week later, the third part of the 60’s couch moved back into the living room. To get everything to fit, we moved the cat tower closer to the windows, sort of a fuzzy sculptural piece.

Unfortunately for Princess, the windows aren’t very weather-proof. Not that they need to be when the coldest it ever gets here is 34 degrees. And we’re all kinds of Northeast awesome so we can endure the frigid drops in temperature with nothing but thick socks and sweatshirts (for NOW). But the cat (we suspect) is actually from Mexico. Probably southern Mexico. Like the Oaxacan region.

So she has a problem with the “cold.” So she found a new place to sleep:

In other news, I painted this:

AND… those friends of ours that we spent Christmas with are super-sick, so the kids spent the day with me and Kitty yesterday. Which was highly entertaining.

(They’re focused on the cat in this one; I’m just telling you because you can’t see her.)


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