Events with New Friends

I’d just like to say that this past weekend was the most eventful weekend (in a positive way) in a long time. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that many events can be planned and held without including any member of my extended family. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem possible and then other times (like this weekend, for instance), science pulls through and I realize it can be done.

So here’s the breakdown, just in case you were wondering what fabulous activities we were up to.

Friday I hosted our monthly book club in the “Party Room,” an apartment shell without any dividing walls, used mostly for birthday parties and as a home for the many “family members” that drive over the international bridge in the summer to use the pool. Really it’s just a lot of people, who all enjoy a good swim (who doesn’t?). We were a quiet group by comparison. My friend Red from Boston picked the book (“Little Earthquakes” by Jennifer Weiner) and about ten ladies were in attendance.

The book is ostensibly about new motherhood, but it touched on a wide array of topics, many of which (I think) hit close to home for most of us. A large majority of the group is “not from around here,” by which us new Mexans (not Mexicans, Mexans) mean a day’s travel or greater, by car, to get “home.” And plenty of us agreed/chose to move out here to be able to raise or start a family, so a book about new mothers was fitting.

{I’m using a lot of quotation marks today, for some reason. I’ll try to cut back, but I speak in a lot of quotation marks these days, so you’ll have to forgive me.}

We talked about children, extended family, separation, etc… It was an incredibly interesting gathering, but also emotionally draining, at least for me. So many of these topics are always bumping around in my head and wanting discussion, but, as Hubs commented on later, it’s a very mixed group, and I am bound to encounter many women who don’t think anything like the way I think and so make open discussion (without any serious offense) difficult. How novel, I know, and “duh, Rae,” I know, but growing up in a big family is an incredibly difficult thing to shake. I still walk around with the assumption that everyone I get along with thinks the way I do, and am constantly re-realizing that is not the case. You’d think I’d have figured it out by now.

I guess you just keep on learning.

Anyways, after the book club meeting Botti and I met back at my apartment to debrief and discuss while our guys finished one of their last nights of midnight shift. Our little chat lasted well into the morning, and not the wee hours. Like the actual morning. 60 degree nights! Go Mexas!

Early evening on Saturday was a baby shower hosted by and held for ladies from PA, which almost counts as where I’m from. Plenty of little kids were in attendance, and the group that gathered wasn’t too large, with made for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Baby shower games started out as my arch-nemesis (Who thinks up baby food combinations?! Chicken and broccoli puree?! Seriously?!) but ended well, thanks to years of being in charge of assembling the diaper bag when my sibs were little.

After I left the shower (the only place all weekend that I remembered to bring the camera), I met up with Hubs at a going-away party for two of the guys in his group. It was a nice gathering (always an entertaining group, plus I get to work on my Spanish by listening to all the jokes) but by the time I got there Hubs had been there for several hours so we didn’t stay long. Long enough to down some grilled goodness, though. Grilling is a party staple. Fajita beef or chicken, and locally made tortillas heated on the grill. Always. Zero exceptions.

Sunday night was a cookie-swap. Ladies from all over the country participated. Even a gal from New Jersey, which I was totally stoked about. I got a tin stuffed to the gills with cookies (which I have been eating all day in place of real food) and a recipe for both Neiman Marcus cookies and Snowballs. Check out the recipe page the Jersey girl handed out:

The way this thing looks, no matter what it was a recipe for, I would want to bake it. Thankfully, it is a recipe for delicious balls of sugary goodness, so I also want to eat it. A double whammy of fabulous.

Here are some pictures from the weekend (mostly the baby shower):

I took the last one with my phone, which is why it is so blurry and doesn’t do any of those lovely ladies justice. Also, all of the really good pictures from the shower were taken by not me.

Hubs is now officially done the midnight shift, which has inspired me to sing constantly for two days, vacuum, do all of the laundry, and begin Christmas cards (which should have been completed weeks ago but I was just so busy sleeping…).

Kitty has been busy eating tinsel, which is really stellar. I’ve had to put the scented candles on a 24-hour rotation schedule. When she’s not doing that she’s busy jumping from cat tower to tree and back again, trying to knock over her favorite ornament, a Christmas tree that some kids from the complex made for me on craft day. Here’s a video of that, because I actually had the camera on hand (no need to turn the music off, there’s no sound in this one):

Christmas is coming and I. Can’t. Wait.


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