Kitty’s Christmas

A HUGE box was waiting on for me when I got home the other day. I opened it feverishly to find many padded pieces and a sheet of instructions. The delivery label had been decimated, so the sender was a mystery, but the contents of the box were truly divine:

The biggest cat tower on the face of the planet. (Please notice the ornaments and candy canes littering the floor. We’re hoping the tree-climbing decreases a bit now that she has something cooler to play with.)

I have to say, this thing is amazing. It’s about four feet tall, very sturdy, and kitty took to it like a fish. PS: In case you were wondering, “kitty” is the casual name. “Wawa” is currently being used as a show name of sorts.

Only my mother (or perhaps Njsil) would have thought of this most genius of gifts. Sure enough, Mom confirmed, it was she. There was supposed to be a note attached, but when your family is this good at giving, who the heck needs a note to know who it’s from?

Kitty slept in the little hammock thing the first two nights we had it. Then it got cold again, and she’s recently learned how to open small doors, so when it’s cold she ferrets into the towel cabinet and makes a little nest. I have gotten quite a shock on more than one occasion when I stumble into the bathroom shortly after waking up and a cat comes streaking out of the nearest cabinet.

In other news, Hubs is off midnight shifts, which I couldn’t be more delighted about. We’re currently in the process of assimilating to the new schedule, always harder when he has to work straight through a “switch-shift” (ie: On Saturday he worked at midnight, today he worked at 6am.) It should only take a few days for this one, though. Natural light helps a lot.

Also in interesting news, Hubs has been (tentatively) cleared for a week-long class on the East Coast sometime early in 2009. We are becoming quite the travelers (I’m going with him, by the way) since we got down here. I’ve been trying to figure if we would be so well-traveled if we lived back in SJ and Hubs had the same kind of job. I think he’d be less inclined to put in for interesting assignments in foreign lands, because that would mean being unnecessarily removed from friends and family. And I would be less inclined to support those ventures, because it would put me unnecessarily far from friends and family. But since we’re all the way out here (and this one move was very necessary), why not go to as many places as possible!?

It’s exciting to realize how much our life has changed in fundamental ways just by that simple but momentous move. I always enjoyed the concept of an adventurous life, but never really took any steps to make my own anything of the sort. Then I met my fabulous man and hey nelly! Adventure galore! It’s also kind of nice that I don’t have to make any decisions about where the next big rush is coming from. I get to vote “yeay” or “nay” and then I get to plan, organize, direct, and run the show. Which is pretty much when I’m the happiest ever.


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