Austin pre-Christmas

Hubs and I drove up to Austin this past weekend to celebrate his three day weekend, to spend some time with his sister and her husband, and to eat and shop from a wide selection of stores. We had a lovely time.

Txsil and Txbil have three kids. W and M are on the cusp of high-school and teenager-hood and all that goodness, while G is 16 months old this Christmas.

Our current home is such a distance from SJ that the only time I ever met any of this family was at our wedding. So it’s an incredible two-fer awesomeness that we not only get to see them more (which would be awesome even in SJ) now that we’re out here, but that we actually landed within a reasonable driving distance from them! Thank goodness that, out of all the places in the southwest, we ended up here!

Kids and adults are equally enjoyable up in Austin. By day, W displayed many of his comic sketches, M explained all the intricacies of Sonic the Hedgehog and the like, and baby G kept us entertained with her attempts at full conversations conducted in baby-talk. Can I just say, I LOVE that we have good family that’s visit-able during the holiday season!

In this video, M and G romp around the living room, while the new dog, Eddie, attempts to join in:

Hubs and Baby G had a singing session on Monday morning, after the boys left for school and before we hit the road:

Here are some other photos we took from the weekend, coupled with some I stole from Txsil.


In other news, it’s cold and overcast on the border. I understand that my “cold” right now in no way compares to “cold” of just a year ago, but it’s cold, nevertheless.

Cold weather has actually become somewhat of an issue for me. I never really enjoyed it, but now that I’ve gone a full year in relative comfort and warmth and sunshine, I’m unecessarily offended by the cold. This is, obviously, the start of our 3-week long “winter,” where coats are not ridiculous, and renters can justify turning on the heat (although we are sticking to sweatshirts and down blankets for right now, thank you very much).

The thing is, as much as I hate this “cold snap” (because the heat and oppressive sunshine are two things that I unoquivically love about where we live), I can’t help but feel like kind of a pansy for being so miserable. I get weather reports from South Jersey and I know it’s not so bad out here. We may have gotten close to freezing one night around 3am. It’s been hovering around 45f for the last three days, after a week of 65-70f weather. Like, seriously, who am I kidding? My Jersey sensibility is just enjoying humiliating my hot Mexas bod.

On the bright side, without “cold,” I would never have gotten this gem:


In extremely recent news, my two youngest siblings are coming to visit us!!! They haven’t been out here to see our Mexas hacienda yet. They’ll be here in mid-January, during a long weekend.

The tears that I was shedding every time I watched the video in the previous post are all dried up. I. Can’t. Wait.

Plus, it’s Christmas soon!


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