Despite being far from family this Christmas, it remains very sweet. This is because the amount of quality packages we receive in the mail has increased exponentially since last year.

First, all the female in-laws send a box of winter-themed place settings for our lonely table. Now it is festive and not sad, which rocks.

Then, a gift from my grandparents down in South Cackalakee arrives (first gift under the tree!). Hubs and I begin our annual debate over whether we should open Christmas gifts before Christmas. (He might make it.) And the cat has actually left the gift alone, which is surprising.

Our last arrival this week was a box of pure Philly goodness from Njsil, in the form of holiday Tastycakes…

…complete with Tastycake ORNAMENT.

I heart the holidays.

Also the Mexas mail, which has managed not to mess any deliveries up so far. Normally, I would refrain from typing something like that, since this kind of comment is sure to jinx the rest of our packages. But we honestly didn’t expect anything to make it to us before New Year’s, so we’re on bonus time as it is.


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