Julie and Dan live in the next building over from us here in our little bubble of an apartment complex. They have one boy, Joshie, and just found out that another baby’s on the way! Julie had an appointment in the next town over (an hour away) so I went and stayed with Joshie this morning.

I have to say, I was gearing up for a fight. Joshie and I are a lot alike. We both like things done a very specific way, and we are very tenacious when others do not fall in line. The curse of the firstborn. However, it turns out that Joshie and I are also very similar in the fact that we really want people to like us. Also similar in that we both like to sleep in. All of which made for a delightful morning.

I showed up at Joshie’s house early, and he was sittin’ at the table, eatin’ some breakfast cereal. Zero fuss when Julie left (a fabulous surprise). Two minutes later he’s back in his bed, of his own volition, and asleep. He shuffled around once at 8:30 am, but only to move to mom and dad’s bed and then fall back asleep. I finally had to go wake him up at 10 am. We played peek-a-boo for 20 minutes before leaving the room. Off to a good start.

Then we sat down and watched some Veggie Tales, one of Joshie’s favorite cartoons. Luckily, I am well-versed in Veggie Tales, so Joshie was suitably impressed when I was able to sing along to several of the songs. Amazed, actually. We took a quick pit-stop at “Way’s ‘ous” to check on the kitty and visit the “baby Jesus” (nativity). Then Joshie took out his own pirate ship and showed me how to use it.

The only potential showdown of the day was forstalled by another round of pictures. Turns out Joshie loves the camera. After the following picture, he requested a costume change and several more poses (he thought this pose up all by himself). Crisis averted.

Julie came home a little after lunch (mac and cheese, another thing Joshie and I have in common) with plenty of news and sonogram pictures of a healthy baby. Turns out she’s several weeks further along than she thought! Exciting times had by all.


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