Introducing: Wawa

Oh yea, we named the kitten “Wawa.” We were loving all the proper noun suggestions (I’m a sucker for proper nouns), and we liked the idea of a regional bent. We tried a few Spanish sounding names, but they didn’t seem to fit. We tried some military names with the same result. Then we started naming food products from back home, and we got on a roll.

“Cannoli” was a close second, but neither of us ever really loved cannoli, plus it’s more of a North Jersey thing, and who wants to name anything based on North Jersey?!

So “Wawa” it is, but I suspect it will take a while to stick. We’re still calling her “Kitty,” mostly.

For those of you not familiar with the original Wawa, I have provided a link to their homepage: click here. But honestly, the website can in no way help you understand how much of an honor we are doing this cat by naming after the best convenience store on the face of the planet. Wawa is one of those landmarks by which you know someone instantly. If you mention Wawa and their face lights up, you know you’ve found a friend.

“Wawa” is a Native American word for a kind of goose in the Delaware Valley (where South Jersey is located), hence the goose on the logo. Their headquarters are in a town called Wawa, in Pennsylvania. The company started as a dairy farm, and a large portion of the products are still produced within the Delaware Valley, which means ice cream is awesome, cheese is awesome, all Wawa-brand items are awesome. Every Wawa has a deli. Every Wawa brews coffee fresh every morning {CORRECTION (via Cayber, Wawa aficionado slash super-employee) brew fresh every TWENTY MINUTES, 24/7}. Every Wawa is loved by those who frequent it. People define themselves by which Wawa they’re closest to. EVERYBODY (in South Jersey, at least) stops into a Wawa. Usually once a day.

We miss Wawas. I’m dying for a Turkey Bowl right now.

So the cat enters a long and glorious heritage.

In other cat news, she’s totally assimilated. After the first night, where she mewed for about 45 minutes before she fell asleep, she’s decided she rules. She’s found her “spots,” she’s claimed her thrones, she purrs on contact, and she plays with our emotions like a high school beauty queen. Good to cuddle with, and instantly knew what to do with the litterbox. So she’s a keeper.


A few nights ago, bored and waiting for Hubs to be done work, I got out all our Christmas decorations from the past 2 years and set them all up. It was pretty spare; enough to give any visitors the idea that we were ready for Christmas, but certainly not the all-out Christmas extravaganza we were really gearing for this year. I vowed to take a trip to Kohl’s and the many Dollar stores here in town for more decorations.

A few nights later, though, inspired by all the Christmas spirit floating around the apartment, we went out and bought a Christmas tree instead of more decoration. We were originally going to wait for the live lots to open, but we went out to dinner and had a few beers (key ingredient in the decision-making process) and then went shopping. Which turned out fabulously. Granted, we did set up the tree a solid week before Thanksgiving, but it looks AMAZING, so we’re happy. Plus, hours of entertainment with the cat climbing in it. Plus our living room is now bursting at the seams with Christmas spirit. All I need now is a full spread of place settings for the “dining room.” And we’ll be set. I even have the Vanilla & Gingerbread scented candles out and about in every room. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

(Fake snow spray is 100% necessary. It will never snow here.)


Some ladies in our complex thought (rightly) that it would be a fabulous idea to start a book club, since many of us are homemakers/mothers/unemployed, AND looking for fun, easy ways to get together. We had our first official meeting two nights ago, where our size had doubled from the planning meeting.

The nerd in me came out full force. I love books that make me think, I love when questions challenge me, I love discussions and debates among fellow readers, and I love people. I seriously wish this event took place once a week. The posted hours were from 6pm to 8pm, but most of us ended up staying until around 10pm. Good clean fun is always pretty sweet.

We have a system that seems like it’s going to work well. Whoever hosts gets to pick the next book, and moderates the next month’s meeting. So one of the founders hosted the other night, and announced the book we’ll be discussing next month, where she’ll monitor the discussion. Yours truly will be hosting December’s meeting, so I get to bake my butt off AND research books between now and then, since I’ll be choosing January’s book. I’ve died and gone to nerd heaven.


We’ll not be home for either holiday this year. Last year we spent largely apart during the holiday season, with Hubs celebrating Thanksgiving alone at the Academy, and us opening gifts in a Holiday Inn Express on Christmas morning. This year, although Hubs won’t have off for either holiday (most likely), we have our own place, we both live here, and we’ll be able to actually sit down and eat real meals, in the same room. In the same state. And neither of us will have to drive away at the end of it. So we’re going to enjoy that. I like having my husband back in my life, and I’m pretty sure he feels the same way.


Regularly scheduled reading and meetings, Thanksgiving around the corner with Christmas on the way, a new kitty to play with, and a husband who is more wonderful with each passing day… could life get any better?


5 thoughts on “Introducing: Wawa”

  1. correction. we brew fresh coffee every twenty minutes. 24/7 just puttin it out there 😉and i love the cat. i miss you and nason very much, but i’m glad you two can be together!love ya

  2. Wawa (the name and the cat) is awesome.Re: books — if you’re into Jane Austen, I just read a really good biography by Claire Tomalin.I really wanted to think of something world-weary and snarky to say about the latter half of your post.I couldn’t think of a thing. Salud, you happy persons! Life is good.

  3. Did you know we have tons of Wawa’s in VA now? Most are super Wawa’s with gas stations attached. I’ve had to explained Wawa is more than gas to many of my co-workers but after a visit to the deli they get it.

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