Wanted: Names

We’re gonna need name suggestions.

I found the cat under a truck last night while out with the gals. As we left the bar, we heard a noise. I inspected but quickly became uninterested. However, the other two gals undertook a rescue mission. Then, once it was my hands (very stinky; the cat, not my hands), both of them were adamant that I couldn’t just throw it under the bus (literally). So I figured I’d lock it in the bathroom and take it to vector control today.

But then the gals were like, “we have to get it some food! Let’s just go to Wal-Mart and hop in and out real quick. You have to FEED IT.”

Once we were there, a cheap litterbox and a little bag of litter were added to the purchase.

And by the time we got back to the apartment it was all quiet and cuddly. Set up the ol’ crate (from the Sasha era), added the litterbox. And as soon as the bag of food opened the cat almost had a conniption. It was pretty extreme.

So the gals went home, and the cat ate for about 15 minutes solid. Then it alternated between mewing and climbing to the top of the cage and back down. It’s a bit of a shrieking monkey cat. It calmed down after a while and curled up on an old t-shirt.

Today, a bath. That was exciting. It loves Hubs with passion already. And it purrs as soon as you touch it. And it’s cute as sin. So I guess we got ourselves a cat.

Name help: We think it’s a girl. It’s grey and dark grey stripes (a “mackeral tabby,” according to cat fancier websites). I look forward to your fabulous suggestions. Feel free to leave as many as you like.


7 thoughts on “Wanted: Names”

  1. You have my mind spinning with ideas: Taco – she’s TexMex Bits – she’s tiny Chich – sounds Spanishy and is better than Chong. Tootsie – for being sweet Muffin – just because

  2. My suggestions:Lela (pronounced lay-la)LuckyLexiMika (pronounced Mee-ka)or:I don’t know who the girls you were with are… but you could put together some fabulous version of their names combined since they found her!She’s super cute!-k

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