Last year I was packing everything up, so I didn’t really have time to enjoy the transition from fall into winter. THIS year there IS no transition. It’s summer into early fall, and then back into summer again.

I’m going all out for Christmas this year. I need something to keep myself busy, and overdecorating the crap out of every surface in our apartment seems like a good idea. The first stage was unpacking every holiday decoration and knick-knack we’ve recieved for the last two years and finding a place for each and every one. Then I rearranged the entire living room, in anticipation of a tree. Tree lots are not up yet. Apparently they don’t go up until after Thanksgiving.

We’re going to get a real tree this year for three reasons:
1) We want one.
2) We can get one.
3) Cleaning up after it will add to the “keep me busy” list.

Don’t bother telling me how much trouble real trees are. I don’t care.

I guess Mexas figures real trees in the back of a parking lot would die, since it’s EIGHTY DEGREES out during the daytime. You read me right. I almost went out to sunbathe at the pool (which stays open year-round) today. At night, sometimes it drops all the way down to fifty. It’s a hard knock life, but someone’s got to live it.

Today I’m going to cut out some snowflake stencils and decorate our front window with fake-snow spray. This project is important to me for two reasons. Number one: I like any kind of spray. Coupled with the craft of snowflake-cutting, it’s pretty much the perfect activity. Number two: the favorite pastime of the little girl who lives above us is to come down to about the middle of the steps and stare into our apartment. She just stands there and stares at us. Sometimes she sits herself down and continues to stare. Sometimes her grandmother or grandfather, who watch her during the day, JOIN HER in staring at us from the steps.

Fake snow spray will fix this, festively.


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