Cruise 3: Sunday and Monday

Pictures of Sunday and Monday at the bottom of the post.

I am currently very sick from some sort of head-cold thing. I’m having an extremely hard time keeping my balance. Thus, I haven’t been as glued to the computer as I expected to be (slept for 14 hours last night). Sorry for the slow-ness. Here’s more news from the cruise:

Sunday we parted company with Mama and Papa Hubs and went to pick up my parents from the airport. Drove around for a bit, looking for a nice place to eat (I heart non-Mexican eateries), then made our way down to Galveston. For as torn up as Houston is, Galveston is many times worse.

Our ship had actually been using Houston as a port for the last month, due to Ike’s damage to the Galveston pier. But the day of our cruise was the day the Conquest returned to the Galveston port. So our embarkation time got pushed back, and all the steps took a little longer than usual. Thus, we waited in a very long line for quite some time. We were mightily delighted to reach our little room and collapse on a very comfy bed.

Off to our first dinner! Lloyd was our main waiter (not so hot, I could have taught him a thing or two about service) and Jekatarina was our helper-waiter. She was cool. We all ordered at least one extra dish. I started out with two appetizers and finished with two deserts. It was awesome.

After din-din Hubs and I went out and explored the ship. We were rewarded for our efforts with a free piece of art from the ship’s art gallery (SO useful! Who doesn’t need to purchase a Picasso sketch on a Carnival cruise ship?!) and by meeting Gabriel, the Romanian bartender.

The next morning we ordered room service, because we could (it’s 100% complimentary). Lox never tasted so good. Played with our food for a bit and then got up and went to the gym. This was my only day at the gym, but Hubs really liked the little gym and he ended up attending every day possible, like a good GI Joe.

While Hubs continued his workout, I got some bathing gear on and found the older folk, all clustered at the back of the ship. Which is apparently the place to be if you just want to be left alone with a murder mystery and a fruity mixed drink.

Monday night was “elegant night” in the dining room. We dressed to the nines and arrived early. Many pictures were taken, because we all looked fantastic. It’s nice to dress up, we’ve found. We rarely get an opportunity to do so, and what a delight it always is to see my already handsome husband morph into a GQ cover model. Vacation is a wonderful thing.

More later. I’m going to go pass out in a Ny-Quil induced coma, now.


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