Cruise 1 (322 Pictures Later…)

First of all, I’d like to dedicate this cruise-post to the people we made friends with on this cruise. To the random drunk Zydeco women from NJ, to the Vietnam Vet who hearts Horatio Hornblower, and various cruisers who were on vacation, so what the hell, let’s be friends.

But most of all to Gabriel, one of the bartenders, who, on the first night of the cruise, used sarcasm and extreme facial expressions to mock an angry drunk to his face. We visited Gabriel almost every night, and even made friends with his wife, Ioana, very randomly, because we saw her one day and mentioned that we had met another bartender from Romania and “do you know him?”

We mocked the terrible cruise dancers, we talked about Katrina (Gabriel and Ioana were working at the time, they have incredible pictures of a sister ship, riding out a pre-Katrina storm), we got into politics a bit. Simply put, this guy was everything a good bartender should be. Everything you hope for in a bartender. Made the trip that much better.


I’ll be updating with pictures and little short videos (I hope) for the next day or so. Check back often!


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