Kids Next Door

A single mom with two little kids live next door to us. They teach me Spanish words and I ooh and ahh over their latest creations from over the fence. Yesterday they regailed me with costumary.

Alejandro (6 years old) is going to be a Storm Trooper for Halloween and Paola (3 years old) was trying on the “Darth Vadar Piñata Head” to see how it fit.

Alejandro just started school this year, and seems to take to kindergarten like a fish. He likes to dress up in adventures costumes (Jack Sparrow, Storm Troopers, Ninjas, etc…). He’s suddenly started using “yeah” for all his responses to everything. But not a kid-casual “yeah.” He sounds like a taxi-driver from the south Bronx when he says it.

Paola would survive in the wild for weeks without any help. One of her favorite activities is spinning around in circles and screaming. When she falls down (on concrete) she laughs hysterically. It would be creepy if it wasn’t such a good, hearty 3-year-old laugh. She doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that I can’t understand Spanish, no matter how many times I try to tell her (she’s bilingual). So most of the questions I ask her are answered in kiddie-Spanish. And when I ask her to repeat in English, she starts out in English and then uses Spanish for all the main parts of the story. One time I went outside and she was sitting on the ground, in the corner of the little yard, eating bugs.


In other news, I quit my job. Here’s the short version:

Contest at radio station involves a plasma TV. Every weekend at the home football games, someone else gets to try for it. I’ve been “officiating” every game all season.

Last Friday a guy qualifies at a game. First one all season. Very exciting.

Monday, the boss calls me in, tells me the guy has already participated in years past, which is against the rules. Receptionist (who hasn’t been there long) must have not checked when she signed him up. “Would you just re-word that rule on the website so that he’s eligible?” I don’t really commit, and later that night I think “nah, I know she’s just trying to save herself some trouble, but I’m not all that comfortable with it.”

Next day, find out that this guy has won before, which deepens my resolve to not “fix it” so he can win. Then I find out that Boss actually knows the guy. Boss actually signed the guy up, knowing full well he had already participated.

So it suddenly I’m not re-wording to save everyone a little extra hassle. I’m changing the rules to cover the Boss, who knowingly broke them for her man-friend.

I’ve already posted some stories about Boss’s awesomeness. So this wasn’t the only reason, just the ultimate reason.

Thank goodness Obama’s leading in the polls! I’m going to need a staunch Democrat in office to support my unemployment! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Kids Next Door”

  1. What a jerk. I’ve seen people do venal things, but they usually realize they’re being venal and don’t expect others to do it for them. Does she just not get that this is WRONG? I mean if this were murder or something I can imagine wanting to keep her hands clean, but this is just not that complex. Or is she is so completely bent that she can’t even take responsibility for petty misdeeds?If the station is being sold the new bosses may not put up with her crap. In a couple of months you may be invited back!

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