Halloween Early

We’ll be packing for our cruise on REAL Halloween, so we celebrated early at some random person’s house this past weekend. Hubs and I were “greasers.” I’m proud of the victory rolls I managed to coax out of my (pink!) hair. They’re nowhere close to authentic, but they’re oh-so-fine nevertheless.

Hubs looked buff, which was lovely. And I look tuff, which is also lovely. Unfortunately for us, we were severely under-costumed for the event. This place goes all OUT with their adult costumes. And the whole “sexy _______” concept for females is taken to the max. Sexy velvety swashbuckler met sexy army nurse and chatted with two (2!) sexy ladybugs and a sexy nun. All “sexy” outfits included 4″ (or higher) heels and dresses so short they prohibited sitting down, even among that liberated crowd. But Hubs looked super buff so I was healthily distracted.

Our friends were Slash and Dolly Parton. I apologize for not getting a better picture of either of them, because they were truly amazing.

In other news, I made chili in a bread bowl and it was DELICIOUS.

That is all. (Did I mention Hubs looked amazingly buff for Halloween?)


2 thoughts on “Halloween Early”

  1. Hey Rachel, thanks for the link. I do agree (even though it is annoying that nobody speaks english) it is a waste of energy to complain and actually expect things to change. On a lighter note thanks for including Clint and I in the halloween discussion!You and Nason were bitchin’ greasers!

  2. Hey kids!! Just saw your comment yesterday and rushed over here to check out your blog. It is so great to see you guys doing so well. We were just in NJ and of course had to get our WaWa kick, that is one thing we miss the most…well besides friends and family! Have fun on your cruise!! Tell the hubby we said hello!

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