L. Frank Baum wuz here

It didn’t take us long to find some new type of pet to fix upon. We have friends down here who have two cats, and as soon as we started thinking about taking Sasha back to the no-kill shelter from whence she came (due to child-face-biting tendencies), they started the kitty sales pitch.

Sasha has been returned to the shelter in the sky (aka: San Antonio’s Animal Defense League. Pretty much the total opposite of the sky.), and we expected to go for a while without any new animal to disrupt our life of quiet contemplation.

But it just so happens that these friends of ours have a special kind of cat that is just freakish enough to be wickedly appealing to us. It’s an “I have to have one” kind of breed called Munchkin. (You can click on that link after you’re done reading this.)

First, here is a video to whet your appetite:

Now for a little explanation.

Munchkins are cats with a naturally occurring genetic mutation for dwarfism. It’s a similar mutation to the one that gives Daschunds and Welsh Corgis their distinctive look. So it’s a short-legged cat. It’s body is normal-sized, but it’s legs are like 30% shorter than normal cat legs. They tend to be comfortable in a “beg” position, standing on only their hind legs and staying there for a while.

The problem here is that they’re hilarious. Once you see one in action, you get a little mind virus. That keeps telling you that you HAVE to have one.

Whether we actually want one, or are just bewitched by their wily ways remains to be seen. If we do get another pet (after our failed first attempt) it will certainly not be until after the cruise is over.

… which is exactly when the breeder in Austin has a batch of kittens due …


One thought on “L. Frank Baum wuz here”

  1. no dats funny. I’d have to name one “Lt Dan”…cause it has no legs. hahahahaAltho, not a cat person my son has one and they are a lot easier to take care of than a dog.

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