Adios perro?

Turns out the vet was right, this dog is sketchy around kids. On Friday we were in the little kiddie playground with another dog, and she was doing alright with that. Then some kids came in (of people we know) so I put her on the leash, just to be safe.

Leash was a good decision.

After she went for a kid’s face, we left. And I spent the next 36 hours agonizing over what to do. End result, zero resources for obedience classes where we live. And not interested in entertaining the possibility of our dog ruining some kid’s face or hands. So we’re pretty much set on taking her back to the shelter in San Antonio.

It’s a no-kill shelter, and a pretty good one, so hopefully she’ll get adopted out again. Like to a farm or something, where she can jump and nip at all the cows she wants to.

The right decision can be a pain in the butt sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Adios perro?”

  1. Dogs don’t have feelings, people do. Dogs respond to instinct and habit, people cry. You did a difficult but correct solution to the dogs behavior. Trust God that the dog will be okay and will find a situation where she is a perfect fit! And all of the children in your neighborhood are 10 steps safer then they were last week.You and Nason are honorable people, and as difficult as this is, you did the right thing in choosing people over animals.I am standing and Mom

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