SJ 2.0

We had a fantastic time in NJ. Here’s the breakdown:

Thursday: Plane touches down (we heart Southwest). Hubs’ parents are there to pick us up (Mama Hubs was jumping up and down on the sidewalk outside the baggage claim, waving and shouting at us. Awesome.) and we head over to Five Guys for a buger fix and some QT.

We then head over to Njsil (Nason’s sister) and Njbil’s, where we hear all about Cshe and Che’s new school, cursive writing, and Italian nuns. Hubs’ sister then hands over the keys to the swanky Subaru with a camera and fancy touch-control pad and heated seats, and we drive away in style. What a gal.

Stop at my parents house (where we stayed all weekend) to say hello, chat for a bit before everyone goes to bed (school night) and then head out again to Ott’s, to see my friend and her fiance on their last night as “singles.”

Friday: WAWA. Hubs goes to get his hair cut at the old-school Italian barber shop (three old guys with straight razors and leather shops and Frankie playing in the background), then picks up some joe from Dunkin’ Donuts and heads over to the hospital, where he is accosted by many many many former co-workers. Spends several hours catching up, chatting, etc… Then to meet his mother for a lunch date.

MEANWHILE, I am getting my hair cut and colored and then making myself fabulous for the wedding. Parents and I take off for PA, where we watch a lovely ceremony and enjoy a fabulously lush reception. Hubs spends the night on South Street with his old cronies, listening to good music and drinking quality German brew.

Saturday: WAWA.Then we decide we want to go to a diner, so we kidnap my Dad and head to the Cherry Hill area, where a little diner/deli combo serves us some extremely fresh, extremely delicious lox, which we devoured. Then we availed ourselves of local Targets and Best Buys. A little old lady at Best Buy told me all about a brand new camera, so we went home, where I investigated the lady’s claims (Consumer Reports), all of which were true. So, while everyone else napped and went about their afternoon activities, I went back to Best Buy and bought a new camera.

Awesomeness: batteries do not fall out every time I pick it up, it fits in my pocket, the “no flash” function seems to actually be usable. I’m happy. (All the pictures at the end of this post were taken with the new camera.)

Saturday night, Nason and I head to our old haunt, Colonial Bar, where we are met by a large group of friends and family. We stay out ’til the early morning hours, when Cayber (our DD) drives us to Colonial Diner, where we eat tasty treats like real Cubans, Choco Chip pancakes, and French Toast.

Sunday: WAWA. Hubs and I head out to the local driving range, joined by Dad and Prose. We buy a huge (HUGE) bucket of balls, and spend the next hour brushing up on our driving skills. We forgot what it feels like to sweat (oh Mexas and your dry dry heat…)

We return home to a ginormous surprise 50th birthday party for Dad, fused with a celebration of Mama and Papa Hubs’ 40th anniversary. Most of the afternoon and evening was spent partying. As it began to clear out, various family and friends filtered into the living room to chat and chill out. Ordered some cheesesteaks, got some QT with the siblings, and some storytelling by Mom and Dad. Went to bed late, but very content.

Monday: WAWA? We pack up our bags, clean up our stuff, and sit for a bit with Ma and Cay until Papa Hubs comes to pick us up for the airport. Hugs all around, and off to Mexas. No troubles with the flight home. Stayed in San Antonio for sushi and a quick stop at Best Buy to purchase RockBand2 (oh yeah).

Picked up the pooch on Tuesday. She was OH so happy to see us. Life has quickly returned to normal, but I think we are, overall, very happy and refreshed due to our little jaunt to SJ. Thanks to all for a lovely trip.


2 thoughts on “SJ 2.0”

  1. What a wonderful post! I LOOOOOOVE IT! Can you email me the pics? I didn’t take so many as I think I was too busy running Mom

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