This is no longer a vacation. It’s a quest.

Looks like Hubs is going to make it to New Jersey with me. The trip was originally just me going to my friend’s wedding and making a long weekend out of it. Then we realized that Hubs would technically be allowed to request days off, which he did. We didn’t get word on whether his vacation was approved until two weeks ago, about the same time we found out he was on the short list for Gustav relief! But the storm has passed and Hubs is still here, so we’re thinking it’s a go! (Even if something comes up, we booked with Southwest. They’ll let him transfer his airfare to a later date. Southwest rocks my socks off.)

Below you’ll find some of the things we plan on experiencing while we’re in NJ. This photo-list is by no means comprehensive, but it hits on some of the key items.

Are you noticing a theme?

I don’t want to be too obvious about it, but guess what we’ll be doing when we’re not visiting with family?

On a side note, it’s been interesting that neither Hubs nor I have even once expressed a desire to go down the shore while we’re in SJ. Something about spending the last 8 months in hot and sandy for hundreds of miles in every direction just kind of destroys the whole notion of a day at the beach. Sad, really.


In other news, I had a fascinating week last week. The owners of the radio station were in town, and very interested in having me work as a sales person slash on-air personality. It took me nearly the entire week, but I figured out (genius) that the job, if “full-time,” would be 60 hours a week. If “part-time,” I’d be working almost 40 hours. Not what we need right now.

Hubs’ reaction, though, was the stuff TV movies are made of. As soon as I told him about the offer, he was effusive in his support. “You saw me through all this, and I’m 100% behind you in whatever you want to do.” How awesome is he?! Even when it meant he might not see me at all during some of his shifts. Quite frankly, that kind of attitude is exactly why I didn’t take the job. I don’t want to give up one second of the weird hours we spend with each other. Moving, career-changing, and major-event-experiencing is hard enough WITH your partner there to go through it with you.

Anyway, I was very nervous that the bosses were going to press it (they seemed fairly aggressive), since I have a difficult (ie: impossible) time saying no to bosses. But they were nearly non-responsive. I know they got the message, and I know they’re not happy, but no pushy came my way. Which is very much a relief. The whole experience has also been a subtle encouragement to me to take some ownership over my current schedule, which is sort of all over the place. So it’s been good all around. Always nice to know people want/need you, even if you don’t care to be wanted or needed!

I don’t kow if you noticed the sweet doggy backpack we got for Sasha. This thing has come in oh-so-handy for morning walks. Now we can go out and get her tired in 45 minutes. I don’t have to wake up at 5 am and walk her for 2 hours just to wear her out. Very nice.

Off to work on my tan. Oh, that’s right. It’s still in the 90s here, and will be for another 2 months. And the pool stays open year-round.


One thought on “This is no longer a vacation. It’s a quest.”

  1. i devoured the last cheesesteak yesterday and then went shopping. it’s how i cope with people leaving. i’m ubber glad that you guys got to visit 🙂

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