I took a personality test today (quickly).

  • Blue line: In-tune with feelings, but I don’t get carried away. (This one may be a little off. Evidence: New car totaled by absentminded bus driver only a week after moving 2,000 miles away from everyone who might come visit me in the hospital? No problem. I’m good. Shaken, but good.)
  • Green line: Perfectionist; I plan out every detail, and am successful and very reliable. (Bosses hire two/three people to do my old job when I leave, anyone? Oh yes.)
  • Red line: Energetic and active; I most enjoy interacting with big groups. (I’m still trying to figure out how to replicate the sibling-dynamic of being a self-contained big group and enjoying being around me pretty much 24/7. You see, new friends are not so willing… nor so able…)
  • Yellow line: And I quote: “…you seem to describe yourself as someone who is willing to make difficult decisions when necessary, and will point out when something is wrong no matter what other people might feel. Your responses suggest that you would say that you can be tough and uncompromising.” (Touché, yellow line. Touché.)
  • Purple line: More self-conscious than many; I tend to get caught up in anxious or stressful situations. (What can I say? I am my parent’s child. The oldest one, at that. I was made to bear the weight of the world on my shoulders.)

Little-testy-answers-page also gave me a Myers-Briggs score, which was “Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging.” I will translate:

  • I cannot function without organization.
  • I like rules. A lot.
  • I’m hyper-obsessed with detail; if completing a project, every last facet must be perfected.
  • I earn success by making myself indispensable.
  • Logical/practical is my middle name. I collect and process all possible data during decision-making processes.

Long and short, it proved to be a very fruitful minute and a half of test taking. Although I learned nothing I didn’t already know, it’s always interesting to discover that 97.7% of the world is less neurotic than you. Self-medication suddenly makes more sense…


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