Oh Weather, You Fey Mistress

So, Southwestern Texas has a nice big flash flood warning which (unlike the weather warnings of the Northeast) is legitimate. Our experience with “warnings” in the past has been: WARNING! It’s going to rain a lot!

Here it’s: Hey, geniuses, it’s been raining a lot for 5 or 6 days. And you live in the desert. Avoid large bodies of water when they occur in unusual places. Our job here is done.

I had to look up “flash flood” to see just what the definition was, and how to “avoid” it. Turns out I’m fairly familiar with the phenomenon (rapid flooding of geomorphic lowlying areas), but have never really lived in a place where it’s a serious problem. In Jersey, the ground is able to soak up weeks of water without complaint, and the road and sewer systems are generally designed to handle large (very large) amounts of water in a short amount of time.

Here, not so much.

Moving on, but in keeping with the general theme of this entry.

Looks like a day or two after the heavy rainfall lets up here Hubs might be heading out to the Gulf as part of the Hurricane Gustav relief team. A lot of web-buzz is mentioning Katrina when they talk about Gustav’s potential, so plenty of people are on the ready this time. Of course, I’m hoping that hurricane totally disappears in the next few days, but we’re not holding our breath. They’re even talking about evacuating parts of east Texas.

Cool your jets, Gustav. (My job here is done.)


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