I’ve got something in my pocket…

Cash has been spent, but not nearly as much as might have been spent, and that’s what really matters. We saved a lot of money last week, when we bought our new phones. (I’m pretty sure most adults know what I’m talking about when I use “saved” and “bought” in the same sentence. The good thing about Hubs is that he subscribes to pretty much the same philosophy as I do regarding “saving” money, so we get a lot of cool stuff while still achieving that sense of pride and accomplishment for participating in responsible spending.)

So yeah, new phones were in order. Through a lot of research (I can document this. I spent about 3 weeks online, looking up different plans and phones and combinations thereof.), we found these phones, which are similar enough to our old ones to be an easy transition, but different enough to feel that we have so upped our “cool” factor.

We also have unlimited everything, now, which is more expensive, but costs less than getting a landline and also maintaining some kind of cell-phone plan, which was the other option. Now I can call Mom whenever I like (usually Tuesday afternoon, especially if something interesting happened at work).

The only glitch is that the buttons are extremely similar to our old phones, but most of the controls are slightly different, especially in text-messaging mode, where both my husband and I spend the majority of our phone-time. I’m only just realizing how automatic the whole process had become for me. Now that I have to re-learn key commands, I honestly believe that I could have sent an accurate text-message from my old phone with my eyes closed.

So proud…


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