Social Networking

Title: Jimmy… is that you?

Thanks to the wonders of the WWW, I have tracked down many people who used to exist. Among them, old teachers, friends, bosses, and even some classmates from back in Appalachia.

A former BFF is now married, expecting her first child. She and her man are creative geniuses, and have contributed (numerous times) to the sister-site of our favorite website of all time.

Our favorite website of all time is Woot. One sale, for one day. They post an item at 12:00:01 am and sell it until either 1) it sells out or 2) the day is through.

TWO sister sites have stemmed from the original Woot (which usually sells electronics): Wine Woot (we have yet to make a purchase) and Shirt Woot, where a new fabulous t-shirt is posted every single day. The fun part about Shirt Woot is that normal people can enter designs and (if they win the weekly derby contest), their shirt is sold on the site AND they are compensated for it. I’m working on my world-domination design. It’ll happen…

Anyways, Mr. Former BFF has already won at least 1 derby, but they’ve recently entered another one. So this post has a two-fold purpose:

1) Check out Woot and Shirt Woot. Check them daily. They are wonderful. Half of our electronics were purchased from Woot, and Shirt Woot would comprise our entire waredrobe if we were allowed to wear t-shirts to work.

2) If you are already a Woot member, vote for this shirt (CLICK HERE). If you’re not, sign up, buy something, and then vote for this shirt.

I’ll keep you updated for when I enter this contest of goodness.

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