Midnight Shift… is… awesome….

So, the dog is doing better. Seems she’s getting used to her food. We ordered some super-duty chew toys online, since she has suddenly found her teeth and is going through either 1) at least one rawhide bone per day or 2) vinyl record covers. She’s also getting lazy, as evidenced below:

Hubs has one week left of the midnight shift, which is good. Now that his body has acclimated to being nocturnal, he’s actually having a harder time falling asleep before noon. Which is no fun. Because he’s usually tired, even before noon.

My hours at the radio station are increasing exponentially. I’m mentally invested, now, which means that I’m experiencing more stress about completing projects and making sure I’m following all the rules to the T than I was three weeks ago. Hubs continues to remind me that this is really just for fun, we don’t need it, etc… Hopefully the stress will slack off. I don’t see it, honestly. Kind of a metaphor for life. Difficulties will continue to increase until you force them to stop. And I’m not a huge fan of force. It’s so messy.

Anyways, headed to NJ in September, for my friend’s wedding. VERY EXCITED. Looking for a place for the dog to stay while I’m gone, which has been a treat, so far.

Zee’s base passed inspection, which means I have a visit to Guam to plan.

And Rad (Hubs’ work buddy) is taking his wife (Nae, my RockBand buddy) and Autumn (Sasha’s doggy buddy) out to Arizona for two months while he’s on special assignment. They’re leaving this Friday. So that’s kind of a bummer. But, looks like I also have a trip to Phoenix to plan!


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