Rabble of Butterflies

It looks like fall, here. If you are in your car, with the air conditioning circulating at maximum capacity, and if you’re facing the right direction, it definitely looks like fall. Want to know why? Because millions of little brown and gold things are floating and falling through the air. ‘Cept, disappointment. They’re not leaves. They’re butterflies. Which (I guess) is only really disappointing if you wanted fall, and not a huge conglomeration of flying insects.

Seriously, in the last week it’s like every butterfly in the state moved to this town and made about 100 babies each. You can’t go anywhere during daylight hours without being accosted by 10-15 little butterflies. Which wouldn’t bother me except sometimes they touch the hair, and that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

This is news, right? They have nothing like this on the East Coast. Go southwest!

On a side note, the little lizard that lives near our outside lamp is eating GOOD. I’ve watched him snag and eat a winged creature on two separate occasions.

PS: I’ve tried to get a decent picture of the butterfly swarms, but they’re too little. You’ll just have to imagine.


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