More Hours (Yeay!)

I have a new blog-stalker. I started telling a story at the radio station today and D’Ann (the party queen) said, “I know, I read about it in your blog.”

Which delights me, but also means I have to stop writing evil things about coworkers and such. Style-cramper…


The awesome station manager asked me to show up on Monday for a meeting, but gave me no indication about what the meeting would entail. Rico (FM frequency king) mentioned it several times at the remote. Manager made reference to it at the impromptu luncheon on Saturday afternoon. But no info about content. AT ALL. Three days of waiting patiently. I’m very proud of myself.

Entering the station office promptly at ten, I waited for about a half an hour while Rico and The Girl (the regular morning-show personalities) met with Manager. Then I was called in. They’re revamping the ad sales, I’m told. Details of the new ad program are discussed extensively. After about 10 minutes, I confess I’m curious as to how this involves me.

Tuesday/Thursday girl, it turns out. The Girl will be doing MWF morning show and taking over the reporting of the 12:05 news. I’ll be coming in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They’re going to see how it works. (Ie: more changes to come.)

So, I’m very excited about getting some more hours, and getting some time on-air. I’m really psyched about the possibility of doing more commercials (I LOVE working with their editing software. I would mix every commercial available if they would let me.) and of some additional live remotes. All in all, it’s a good thing for me.



PS: How boring is this without the trash talking? Nice going, D’Ann.


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