Sasha Pees! Rae DJs! First Trip to Mexico!

I’m cleaning house! This is a recycled post from last year. Enjoy or delete, as you wish!

Ok, first things first. Sasha (our new dog) seems to be getting the gist of the whole “outside” deal when it comes to eliminating. It’s still a little disconcerting how she’ll only go once or twice a day, but perhaps she spent most of her formative months in a crate or kennel and has learned to “hold it.” In which case, I could probably take some lessons from her.

She’s adopted the habit of following Hubs or I around wherever we go. This makes it very easy to keep an eye on her. Although it’s pretty funny, since there’s only about 2.5 rooms she’s allowed in right now (LR, DR, and kitchen) and she pretty much refuses to spend any real time in the kitchen.

Chew toy is finally being utilized, after two days of eying it up. Kennel is almost acceptable (I feed her in there, which helps).

I’ve also been shamed by my total and complete lack of physical activity over the past few months, as evidenced by every muscle from mid-torso down screaming in agony from three days of daily walks with the dog. I thought I was stronger than this. But apparently not.

All this hoo-ha makes me appreciate people who complain about how ridiculous having a new kid is. All I can think about is how grateful I am that she only eats once a day, craps outside, and when I want to go out I can lock her up and leave her for hours. No wonder people have dogs instead of kids.

First time she pukes on me, though, we’re going to have issues.


I attended a “remote” broadcast at a local car dealership yesterday. This was pretty much a show-up-and-be-fantastic gig, which I did, of course. I had a fun time, delighted the troupe of pre-teen Girl Scouts that came out (along with the police department), applied half-a-dozen temp tattoos, and talked through one break all by myself while the local personality was posing with the GS troupe.

Good times, all in all.


After the remote, one of the sales ladies from the station offered to take me and another huera over the river, to Mexio. Our guide is from around here (as the kids say), fluent in Spanish, and frequents Mexico. She goes there for medical care, for shopping, for food, for veterinary services. And yesterday she needed to pick up four of her nine (NINE) dogs from the vet. The vet had a small monkey and a toucan for sale, on display in the lobby. No joke.

We drove through the downtown area. Then we ate some lunch. Then we went shopping at El Mercado (the market), which is similar to Reading Terminal Market, except cheap, and crazy, and Mexican. Then we went to the vet. It was pretty ridiculous. I had an awesome time and want to go back soon, with Hubs. Although I’m not really sure that he would enjoy el mercado at all. They follow you around and talk at you non-stop, regardless of whether you can understand them. Regardless of whether you have money. Regardless of whether you pay any attention to them whatsoever. It’s a whole country of old-school salesmen.

Now that I’ve been, it’s only a matter of time before Hubs heads over. We’ll have to find a guide that doesn’t own a carload of small, fluffy, dogs, though.

Yahoo! I finally visited Mexico!


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