How we Spent our Hurricane Vacation

While most of Southern Texas thought it best to stock up on supplies and batten down the hatches, me and my fabulous husband made the executive decision to spend “Hurricane Day” driving to San Antonio.

SW Texas can’t drive in heavy rain.

Also, pretty much NO part of the San Antonio road/sewer system is equipped for sudden, heavy rains. True to form, the little Honda withstood the trials and tribulations of a desert rainstorm. Granted, the car is built like an actual drum, with acoustics that make the smallest raindrop sound like the tippety-tap of really strong fingers. So thousands of raindrops sounds… creepy.

Once we got to San Antonio, we found a lovely anniversary gift:

Oh yeah, we got a dog. FINALLY.

Hubs is VERY excited. I am also VERY excited. We found a good one, we think, although she’s already made it clear to us that housebreaking is going to be a fun time. But she does good walks, and we have a sweet crate, and she’s not too jumpy, and she’s still pretty young.

(I feel like this picture is going to be pretty much priceless in about 10 years. Look how YOUNG they look!)

The shelter we got her at (CLICK HERE) called her “Sasha,” and we’re liking the Russian vibe, so we’re going to stick with that. Plus, it’s fun to say “SASHA!” in a Russian accent.

Yeay! Tenemos un perro!


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