Hubs gets off two days in a row, lately, though never Saturday and Sunday. Thus, on a day like today, where he has off today and tomorrow, I have a very difficult time remembering that it’s not actually Saturday for everyone out there. I almost called two people this morning, just to say “hey.”

Cayber is moving back to New Jersey. We’ve all given it a lot of thought and many hours have been spent in discussion. Ultimately, though, Cay decided (ON HER OWN!!!) that this isn’t the greatest place as far as earning a livable income. So she and Mom are going to be driving back to NJ at the end of July. Kind of a sudden decision, but pretty painless, so that’s good. We’ll be sad to see her go! I won’t have an instant “let’s go do ________” partner, anymore!

I have off this week. Thus, laundry has ceased it’s relentless pile-up. Real meals have been served regularly. The bills got paid. All I needed was a week of 2-hour work days to make me appreciate how much of a time-waster I am at home. If left to my own devices, I literally need a full 14 hours of freedom to be able to accomplish 2 hours of productive work. SO not my mother’s child…

First Mexas baby shower, today. I must away with me to purchase a random baby gift. Will post details later.


One thought on “"Weekend"”

  1. Yeah Keren! Such wisdom gained in such a short time! We all didn’t know how this would play out, but we were hoping for your best either way. Sorry to hear Nason is sick. He deserves super human WBC’s. I’ll let God know what I think about this (He’ll probably let me know too.) Check out our blog of activity and send a nice comment if you will.love Mom

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