Baking Lessons

Cayber had a rough yet productive week this week. Remember when you were hitting early adulthood and there were times where you seemed to grow up a whole lot, all at once? It was that kind of week for the young lady. I’ll just say that she is now earning money daily, and seems to be on a good way to getting herself back on solid financial footing. Which is a plus.

But, while all the upheaval was happening, I got to impart my wisdom. Some people drink to deal with stress, some people turn to drugs or illicit relationships. I like to bake. Usually cookies (because they are the best food on the face of the planet, cooked or raw), but sometimes something of more substance. Sometimes more than one thing (this is usually a “last resort” combo). This week, we were in the kitchen for three (3!) hardcore cooking sessions in a row. Soup (terrible), stew (amazing), and cookies (always wonderful) were all made under Cay’s nose.

And now she has a new coping skill. MAKE FOOD! Which will accompany her current coping mechanism (eating) nicely.

My work here is done.


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