Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been raining heavily (for Mexas) over the last week. The cloud cover hasn’t really lifted for more than a few hours (we got lucky for fireworks). With the sudden change in vitamin D levels, it’s getting dangerously close to full-out Grumpytown. Hopefully, the sun will shine soon. Though this area desperately needs the water, it’s no fun when everybody’s in the dumps.

Last night, Hubs and I had dinner with some new players in our little theater. I’ll start by explaining that the guy is one of the few humans I’ve ever met who has managed to keep up with Hubs’ work-outs over the course of a few weeks. Most (mere mortals) fold after a few days. Some (few) manage to stick it out for a week or two, but all fail eventually. This guy is not only hanging on, but keeping up. So both males are very happy. Plenty of chest-pounding going on.

So we met the guy and his wife and their daughter for dinner at Chez Chili’s, yesterday. I was a little apprehensive (only the guys really know each other), but it turned out wonderfully. The wife is a talker, and the daughter (12 years old) is actually very adult in her ability to participate in conversation (reminded me of Prose and Hawk… [miss you guys!]). So, while the guys mostly talked shop, us ladies had a lovely chit-chat. It was not only encouraging (meeting new people is always encouraging), but it was truly a good time, with little to no awkwardness. Hard to do, even in the safe-haven of South Jersey.

Just wanted to share.

Also, thanks to everyone who sent me positive feedback about my Fourth of July post. I wrote it quickly, in the middle of a short break between radio broadcasts (I’m so epic.), and it was really just a means of solidifying all the who-ha I was feeling as the day thundered around me. What a wonderful surprise when good words starting making their way to me. I’m glad you liked it, I’m glad it struck a chord, but I’m mostly glad you’re all still reading this blog!

(PS: Our 2-year anniversary is coming up fast.When we meet people who have been married a while, I ask them “what’s the secret?” I’d be delighted if you would leave your thoughts. You don’t have to sign in to comment, just choose to be an “anonymous” commenter.)


3 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away”

  1. marriage is really between 3 people…like a triangle. God at the top point..the husband and wife at the lower ends. The closer both move towards God – the closer the couple become to each other. (works better as a visual aid).We’ll be married for 10 yrs on Friday. We dated for 3 years before marrying. We are bestest friends. Always look for the best in your spouse and be easy to forgive (unless your spouse is perfect like mine and never needs forgiveness ;} )Hold each other up – never tear each other down. Have faith and have Fun!!!

  2. if helps if you just really liked each other as friends before you got hitched. also always think back to all the positives qualities you admired in your spouse while you were dating .laugh ,laugh laugh together!

  3. The key to a long marriage is to love God with all your heart. From that love every other love receives life. Without that love every other love eventually withers.

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