Qué torta!

Hubs has been talking up this new eatery that is just to die for. When I asked around the office (I’m officially on the payroll at the radio station as of this afternoon) they told me a “torta” is sort of the Mexas equivalent to the Philly cheesesteak.

Our journey began on a main highway, but quickly devolved into a collection of gravel roads and free-roaming packs of dogs. Just as we pulled up to a particularly questionable “house” Hubs informed me that the famed “K Torta” was built onto the back of someone’s home. Which is awesome.

I checked out a stray horse (not a joke) that was grazing in the field across the street while Hubs ordered.

We rested under two swanky columns (made primarily of particle board and staples) while we waited for our torta. Hubs tried to communicate the wealth of goodness that was to come, but was ultimately overwhelmed by sheer excitement. A fellow torta-er engaged Hubs in small talk while I perused the back-yard, which also doubled as dog kennel, tanning shed, and informal dining room.

On the ride back, I remarked upon the size of the wrapping. “Surely they are not this big?!” I scoffed. They are, indeed, “that big.” So big, in fact, that even Hubs can only manage to finish off half of one in a sitting.

(Isn’t he dreamy?)

Hubs ate his torta-half in blissful silence, while Cay and I attempted to diagnose the various flavors and textures we were enjoying with each bite. Eventually we, too, shut our mouths and housed what was left of our Mexas cheesesteaks.

What makes a torta? You might well ask, as we did. The torta from “K Torta” starts out with a huge, lightly toasted bun/roll (sort of a longer version of a muffuletta bun). The spread was a mixture of mayo, mustard, and guacamole. Ingredients included tomato (Mexas is salmonella free, I think), ham, american cheese, jalepenos, fried onions, and about a pound and half of marinated fajita-meat strips (beef, basically).

(That’s a half a torta, there.)

I did some research, to find out if our “K Tortas” were typical. But guess what?! There is no “typical” torta. Throughout Mexico (and Mexas), torta means, simply, “sandwich.” The only requirement (as far as I can tell) in dubbing a sandwich a torta is this: it’s got to include a lot of Mexican-style meat (eg: fried tender pork, called carnitas; or chorizo sausage and cheese, called choriqueso; or for a special treat, beef tongue, called lengua).

If you can dream it, torta can achieve it.


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