Hubs is Free!

I’m cleaning house! This is a recycled post from last year. Enjoy or delete, as you wish!

Hubs has officially passed his final pass-or-die exam! He got home early yesterday afternoon, tired, excited, and in. No more studying, no more stressing about the possibility of being sent home. Home free! (I’ll disclaim here that there are technically two years of probation, but this last exam is the realistic cut-off of “rookie-ness.”) So exciting! He did it! Good job, well done, VERY PROUD!

Cay has amped up her job-search. Something great looms on the horizon, we can all feel it. Until then, she continues to entertain and clean. Which we like.

Back in SJ, my Mom’s family had an amazing, powerful weekend. They were reunited with a long-lost family member. Everyone got to meet and mingle on Sunday, and all reports are that it was an emotional reunion. (Though, in their fashion, Mom’s family held it together. No one bawled until they got home.)

I am puttering along at my radio job. I think they’re going to keep me, which is exciting. I managed to sneak in some of our music* which made for a great end of programming. I will continue to infiltrate on every level…

Our cruise to the Carribean is looking like a reality, which is awesome!!! A vacation is going to be so great. And, though it occurs on election week, we will be voting via absentee ballot. We’re good Americans. Vote or Die!

*“Our” music, of course, means music that Hubs discovers and plays regularly until I decide I like it.


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