Oh So Busy

Hubs is feverishly preparing for his final pass-or-die exam, which takes place next Monday. If, gentle reader, you ever take a moment to “storm the gates of Heaven,” say a little piece for Heman (that’s what his coworkers have begun calling him). While I have no doubt that he shall pass with flying colors, stress is always a factor in these kinds of endeavors, and how. As soon as he’s finished with the exam-phase of this job, he can move forward with taking over the entire organization as resident Awesome-O.

Cay has settled in, is learning to choose her battles wisely, and is searching for a desirable job. She’s also doubling as our designated driver, which is working out VERY well, although she hits the Diet Coke pretty hard on our nights out. AND, she has skyrocketed to the top of the RockBand charts, pretty much eclipsing both Hubs and I with her ability to move from “Easy,” blow straight through “Medium,” and rest quite comfortably in the “Hard” skill zone. Make no mistake, “Hard” really is ridiculously difficult. Only very recently have Hubs and I been able to make the jump to consistent “Hard” playing. And, as you know, Hubs and I have owned the game for quite some time, now. Cay, with a whopping 10 days under her belt, has managed to shame us both with her amazing RockBand prowess. Huzzah.

I am enjoying my new vehicle, AND working as an intern at the local radio station (started Monday). It’s a very interesting pasttime, and one that I hope to turn into a nice little part-time gig. Right now I watch the on-air guys for the morning show, and try to absorb as much info as possible. It’s totally different from what I imagine a “big town” radio station would be like, which works to my benefit. I was on-air the first day I walked in (one of the personalities was very sick and they needed a body to fill a seat)! It was lots of fun and it’s looking like it’ll happen again. Very exciting!


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