Pepper Bush Bloomage

The pepper bush is in full bloom. Just thought you guys should know.

AND: our cruise is now official. We’ll be joining Carnival for a tour of the Carribean out of Galveston in November. It’s not the cheapest cruise in their arsenal, but it’s the only one where Hubs doesn’t have to take off an extra day on each end of the cruise just to make sure we get there and back on time. We figured, if we’re going to have to drive almost three hours no matter what cruise we take, we might as well just ditch the whole airline step altogether, and just drive another few hours to the Gulf Coast (which I’ve never EVER seen, BTW).

I’m super-excited, not just because we’re LONG overdue for a vacay (especially that hard-workin’ man ‘o mine), but also because on our last cruise (oh-so-long-ago), we discovered the favorite mixed drink of all time. AKA: mojito. Considering Carnival has had two years and millions of dollars to waste on coming up with something new, I expect to find at least one more all-time favorite something, though I leave it up to the sea-faring geniuses to figure out what that something might be.

And we have some family joining us, though the specifics of how many friends and family members is still up in the air. Definately the parents, probably some grandparents, perhaps some siblings. Good times? Yes. Fun for all? Yes. Fantastic stories to carry with us for the remainder of our lives? Uh, yeah. Feel like some Carribean goodness? You should join us, if for no other reason than we are probably the most fun and interesting people on the face of the planet. (That’s reason enough, actually.)

But what am I thinking? You already know this, else you would not be pouring over this blog.


What do you think?

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