Come Cruise with Me

After months of hemming and hawing, I’ve finally pulled myself together and gathered some information on the the cruise that Hubs and I will probably be spending our Economic Stimulus check on. We invite all friends, family, and casual readers (and friends and family of friends and family) to cruise alongside. Since we’ll be sailing in more of a “shoe box” and less of a “luxurious, spacious balcony-stateroom” environment, we’re operating under the more-the-merrier planning model.

It’d be a 7-nighter, during election week (starting November 1st or 2nd). The plan is to leave out of Galveston for a Western Carribean experience, but I see that Florida is offering better prices for that week on an Eastern Carribean cruise. A third (most expensive, but oh-so-fabulous) option is to embark from San Juan. This trip means zero “at-sea” days, and warmth from day one (Southern Carribean). What do YOU think?

You deserve a vacation.

2 thoughts on “Come Cruise with Me”

  1. I’m getting ready to book us on a 7-day western Caribbean cruise over Christmas. Double the price but I’m hoping double the fun. My Momma is going with us. Since the airlines are not working real well right now we’re probably gonna drive down to Miami to catch the boat. Don’t wanna get stuck in an airport at Christmas.Hope you have fun!!!!

  2. We aim to go wherever! I guess we’d prefer the Florida, less expensive one, but for no good reason other than the cost. However, we’ll spring for whatever everyone else decides. I like the at-sea days as there’s plenty to do aboard ship. GMa Ll

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