Gearing Up

I’m gearing up for my trip to NJ. The gear-up includes clearing out a whole room in our 4 room apartment, so it’s slow going, at best. Today is the day I finish all the at-home stuff, so I have room and time to pack, tomorrow. Wednesday morning, I’m off. And, while I’m really looking forward to seeing all the Jersey faces, I’m REALLY NOT looking forward to being separated from Hubs for more than a few hours. I have PTSD from his four months at the Academy.


Payday equals food shopping day, and Hubs was able to join me this week. It is much easier to navigate our super WalMart when I have a burly man pushing the cart. All that leaves for me is to dart in and out of aisles, grabbing various sundries. Plus, I have his smiling face to laugh and joke with me during the whole trip (usually about 2 hours from walk-in to walk-out). Good times.

No crazy juice product pictures available, but we did notice that the cactus bin in the produce section is simply overflowing. We’re not sure why, but cactus appears to be very hot this week. Another few episodes of Iron Chef America and we’ll be ready to try nopal. For now, we take pictures and giggle as we pass it.


Hubs is being shuffled from one guy to the next this week, as his schedule and the schedule of his “official” guy are out of sync. This might have been disappointing, but for the fact that he’s the cool new guy, and everyone wants to be the first to show him stuff. And, the final “pass-or-die” exam is coming up next month, so the studying has regained its former fervor!

One of Hubs’ coworkers provided this; a face carved into some rock. It’s as tall as a person.


Finally, I think I’ve figured out how to blog from my phone. What this means for you is a lot of pictures with one or two sentence descriptions. Airports = gold mines.


What do you think?

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