Stormy Week in Texaco

Hubs now gets two days off IN A ROW, so we’ve been enjoying our “weekend” with RockBand, visits to a new eatery (delicious), and experiencing a whole new type of thunderstorm.

While watching our favorite Food Network show a few nights ago, we were interrupted by the EAS, a super-nice service that infiltrates every channel on your TV, telling you to turn to the specially designated “killer-weather” channel. We turned to said channel, and were greeted with the angry TV wail (remember the Emergency Broadcast System?) and then a computer voice that told us our county was in the midst of a severe thunderstorm zone, “capable of producing golf-ball sized hail, winds up to 60 mph, and tornadoes.” Unconcerned, we went out to Chili’s (the rest of the town did, too). While there, we noticed that this guy is prepared for pretty severe flooding.

Unfortunately, it didn’t rain much that night. The skys got dark, the lightning was impressive, but we didn’t get a show. Hubs remarked that he hadn’t really seen a good “pour” since he’s been here (early January). And, like a prophet, his words were eerily recalled the next night, when the same angry screech sounded on the tele, and the warning was repeated. But THIS time, it really opened up. We both ran outside to watch for a while. VERY impressive. MUCH more convincing as a powerful force of nature than a Jersey shower. It’s now poured every night for the last three nights. (No hail or tornadoes, though, which we’re feeling a little ambivalent about.)

Yesterday, on Hubs’ “Saturday,” we went out to lunch at the nice little bar we attended a few weeks ago. They had some quality German Chocolate Cake for desert, which only improved the very tasty lunch that preceded it. Immediately after, we walked around “downtown,” were stared at by everyone driving by (most with foreign plates, FYI), and then chastised by an old man on a bike for not returning his “HOWDY” with a hearty howdy of our own. We smoothed our ruffled feathers by coming up with pithy retorts for the next 20 minutes. Then we stopped by the local art studio to pick up the picture of a luchador that we had committed to purchasing a week or so ago. Very exciting. It will fit in nicely with our couch, I think.

(He’s having a staring contest with Hubs.)

I head to Jersey in a few days, to visit with family, friends, watch a much-anticipated graduation (go Jill!), celebrate Memorial Day, and pick up a delightful package that will keep us entertained all summer. Posting frequency will probably be very wacky for the next two weeks, so I apologize in advance. But there will be good stories, though! Guaranteed!


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