Mexican Mother’s Day

In Mexico, Mother’s Day falls on the same date every year, May 10. So our little Mexican-American town had a whole Mother’s Weekend on the 10th and 11th.

Hubs’ graveyard shift was officially over at 10am on May 10th (yesterday). He came home, danced around the apartment for a good fifteen minutes, then proceeded to make super-amazing-scrambled eggs, still dancing. An hour later, his energy level was still through the roof, so he decided to nix the usual day-time hibernation in favor of being good and tired at his new bedtime (new shift started today, so the new bedtime started last night).

We went to the mall to see a movie (Baby Mama, very entertaining, and set in Philly, which was an added bonus). After the movie, Hubs is still active and boppin’ around. We walked the mall (a favorite pastime for the whole town, and for the citizens from across the river, as well). They are big on their mall events, here. There’s no civic centers or auditoriums, so the center of the mall is where all the good stuff happens. Nearly every weekend there’s some fabulous event: Little Miss County, Mexican-American Idol, etc… This Saturday, in honor of Mother’s Day, there were multiple performances. We were waylaid by a little boy (couldn’t have been more than 9 years old), in full getup (sombrero and cowboy boots and all) singing his heart out, and how.

That kid was good. We stopped and listened for the whole song (all in Spanish, so it really was just the quality of the singing that we were able to appreciate), and Hubs clapped vigorously while I snapped a picture with the camera phone. Please note the huge “MOM” balloon-sculpture above the stage. Awesome.

Also, it was 101 degrees for Mexican Mother’s Day. One hundred one degrees.

And chocolate labs were for sale at Puppy Saturday. (TEMPTING, but too big. Plus, I’d have to abandon it for a week while I jet to SJ.)

And I sincerely recommend this movie to anyone over the age of 18.

What do you think?

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