Sickness Lifts, New Blog Post Imminent

I’ve been sick for the last three or four days with some sort of throat thing. It hasn’t moved to the chest, yet, and I think it’s lifting, so I may be spared. My big fear was strep throat, and having to find a competent doc who would diagnose and medicate appropriately. But, the sore throat is healing slowly, with the help of ridiculous amounts of vitamins and about 12 to 14 hours of sleep a night.


Having grown up in the East, and mainly the North, I naturally assumed that the spindly, thorny bush growing outside our fence was a rose bush. But it’s not a rose bush at all.

It’s a pepper bush. Those green blobs are peppers.

This simple misunderstanding is a perfect allegory for our adjustment to the culture here in South(super)west Texas. It looks like something I’m familiar with. It acts like something I’m familiar with. It’s even located in the same exact spot as the thing I’m familiar with would be located. But it’s about as different as it could possibly be. Fortunately, the plant can’t react back to me. Imagine this same scenario happening a million times a day, in pretty much every interaction I have with anything or anyone.

It’s all just familiar enough for me to bend over and try to take a sniff, then it sprouts huge green peppers.

Thankfully, I have, like, the best sense of humor on the face of the planet.


What do you think?

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